Optical alignment of elements in a tattoo
I often notice that tattoos with inscriptions may look strange. The font is beautiful and the location on the body is suitable, but something does not like it. This paradox is related to optical compensation in typography.
Take a look at these two examples below. Which inscription do you like more?
In my opinion, option b looks more attractive because the distance between the numbers is uniform.
This is usually due to the fact that aspiring text editors do not take into account optical compensation when creating a website. Many professional graphics editors and programs have this feature. And professional designers use this function all the time when they work with typography or logos. I will not write much about this method.
You can read an excellent article on Wikipedia.
Myriad Pro font
Usually professionals know this nuance, but if you want a tattoo from a beginner, or you are a beginner yourself, it is better to pay your attention on this fact, because tattoos are made for life. If you have any questions, ask me.
How can you fix it?
Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign). Character preferences - Kerning between two characters - Change from Metrics to Optical
Procreate app. Text - Kerning
You can also print each letter separately and align it roughly.